Swiss crypto bank SEBA rebrands to AMINA

Quick Take

  • The Zug-based crypto firm’s new name is AMINA, which it said steps from the term “transamination.”

SEBA Bank AG, the Swiss crypto bank, today announced a rebrand to AMINA Bank AG.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the crypto firm has been authorized by FINMA to provide banking serivces since 2019.

AMINA said the rebrand marks a new chapter for the firm, adding that the name itself stems from the term “transamination” — the transference of one compound to another.

“Our brand signifies a new era in the company’s growth and strategy; we are a key player in crypto banking and are here to define the future of finance. With our client-focused approach, our years of traversing traditional and crypto finance, we offer a platform for investors to build wealth safely and under the highest regulatory standards,” said Franz Bergmueller, CEO of AMINA, in a statement.

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