HackaTRON Season 5 Recap and Season 6 Preview

TRON DAO is delighted to highlight the achievements from HackaTRON Season 5. Due to successful launches on the TRON mainnet before the November 30th, 2023 deadline, each project has fully received their respective prize amounts from the substantial $500,000* total prize pool. The winners, spanning tracks like Web3, DeFi, Artistry, A.I., and Builder, were awarded prize amounts as follows: 1st Place winners in each track received $25,000, 2nd Place received $15,000, 3rd Place $10,000, 4th Place $8,000, and 5th Place $6,000. Additionally, the Project Engagement Prize was awarded to two projects, both receiving $3,000, and the Determination Prize winner received $4,500. The HackaTRON Season 5 winners by each track are as follows:
*Note: All prizes were issued in USDD, not USD, restrictions applied.

Web3 Track

  1. Bounce by The Bounce Team
  2. Thoughts by Thinkers
  3. JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
  4. BlockFabric by BlockFabric
  5. ExploreX by Team Explorers

DeFi Track

  1. DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
  2. Asset Fusion by Bundlers
  3. NRG Wallet by NRG Team
  4. Receive.Me by Receive.Me Team
  5. Outre-Finance by Kachi

Artistry Track

  1. LoopNFT by LoopNFT
  2. Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
  3. BCate by UMR_KRW
  4. GamesFi by GamesFi_Devs
  5. World Craft by World Craft'ers

A.I. Track

  1. TRON AI ScannerBot by StrandGeek
  2. TRON Assistant by Builders
  3. Pravahini by Team Pravahini
  4. TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
  5. ASCAI by Team ASCAI


Builder Track

  1. Tronsave by Tronsave Team
  2. dCloud- Lite by cctechmx
  3. ArtBeat by 4thFloor
  4. TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas

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Project Engagement Prize

Cloak by Team Cloak

Galaxy Throne by Galaxy Throne Team

The Determination Prize 

Triton by TritonTeam

Preview of HackaTRON Season 6

As HackaTRON Season 5 concludes, TRON DAO is paving the way for Season 6. The upcoming season will feature a new track: Integration. This track focuses on projects that utilize existing protocols, DApps, or services from the TRON/BTTC ecosystems into their project; or create useful resources for enhancing applications within the TRON/BTTC ecosystems.

Stay up to date and be part of the action by following TRON DAO on Twitter/X account and visiting the HackaTRON official page