Polyhedra Network: Building the Largest Interoperable Bitcoin Ecosystem with zkBridge

Bitcoin ecosystem is currently experiencing rapid expansion since the emergence of the Ordinals protocol. To foster further growth, there is a pressing need for a solution that not only enables seamless interactions across Bitcoin, Bitcoin Layer-2s, Ethereum, and Ethereum Layer-2s.
Addressing this need for interoperability, Polyhedra Network introduced the Bitcoin Messaging Protocol powered by zkBridge, the interoperability protocol designed and implemented by Polyhedra Network. This pioneering development expands Bitcoin's functionality, enabling it to interact seamlessly with a range of blockchain networks, both Layer-1s and Layer-2s.

Using zkBridge, Bitcoin can now securely transmit its current and historical data, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, to 20+ networks including Bitcoin Layer-2s, Ethereum, and Ethereum Layer-2s. This interoperability extends to recent Bitcoin innovations such as Ordinals, BRC-20, and Atomicals. To enable other blockchains to securely write messages to Bitcoin, the protocol employs a Proof-of-Stake mechanism with a carefully designed slashing mechanism, to overcome Bitcoin’s lack of smart contract functionality.

Polyhedra Network has joined forces with key builders within the Bitcoin ecosystem across infrastructures, wallets, Bitcoin layer-2s, DeFi, and tools. Together, they are introducing the largest Interoperable Bitcoin Ecosystem empowered by zkBridge. Partners of the largest interoperable Bitcoin ecosystem includes:
OKX Wallet: One-stop web3 entrance for Bitcoin ecosystem.
UniSat Wallet: an open-source Chrome extension for Bitcoin ordinals & BRC-20 assets.
EigenLayer: A platform that helps decentralized networks launch with robust trust by leveraging Ethereum stakers & validators.
Babylon: Unlocking 21 million to secure the decentralized economy.
Syscoin: the ultimate foundation of the industry’s best Data Availability solution, PoDA, and one of the only running on Bitcoin.
Bitmap: Building a Layer 2 to unleash the potential of native Bitcoin assets.
Bitlayer: The first Bitcoin security-equivalent Layer 2 based on BitVM.
B² Network: A Bitcoin Layer 2 network implemented through ZK Rollup and an on-chain logical gate commitment verification mechanism.
BEVM: Building the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 based on Taproot while using BTC as gas.
Rootstock: An EVM-compatible Bitcoin sidechain that enables users to create/execute smart contracts and dApps on the Bitcoin network.
LumiBit: The first Bitcoin Layer 2 based on ZK-rollup, integrating Scroll’s solution for full EVM equivalence & Bitcoin’s native account abstraction.
bitSmiley: The leading Bitcoin DeFi protocol, anchored by bitUSD.
Atomicals Market: Marketplace and explorer for Atomicals and ARC-20.
BTCBot: A powerful BRC-20 Telegram Bot for aggregated trading and auto sniping.
ReadOn: REON is shaping a vibrant ecosystem within Bitcoin with a focus on social engagement and incubation initiatives.
StakeStone: The omnichain liquidity distribution network with staking and future restaking yields.
Particle Network: The first account abstraction protocol on Bitcoin — BTC Connect.


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Polyhedra Network is building and pioneering the next generation of Web3 interoperability with advanced zero-knowledge proof protocols. It has designed and implemented the zkBridge protocol, providing trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructures for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability. With zero-knowledge proofs, zkBridge offers strong security without relying on external assumptions and a significant reduction in on-chain verification costs.

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