Bitget unveils Blockchain4Her ambassador program on International Women’s Day

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is launching the Blockchain4Her (B4H) Ambassador Program to address the gender gap in publicly secure funding opportunities for women. The initiative aims to empower women to become ambassadors and catalysts for change, encouraging more individuals to join the Web3 space.

The program, driven by Bitget's findings on the gender gap and limited opportunities for women in the industry, seeks to bridge this divide by welcoming exceptional women leaders. Three prominent female individuals, including Tess Hau, founder of Tess Ventures, Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-founder of Hacken, and Cecilia Hsueh, CEO of Layer 2 project Morph, have already joined as the first batch of ambassadors.

The B4H Ambassador Program will feature several initiatives aimed at fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for women in Web3:

  1. Role Modeling: Ambassadors will share their diverse journeys through inspirational stories, making success in various fields more relatable and inspiring for women.
  2. Networking: Events and meetups will provide platforms for Ambassadors to showcase their expertise at regional and international gatherings, amplifying their visibility and expanding their professional networks.
  3. Involvement: Ambassadors will contribute their expertise, networks, and resources across projects and events, supporting women through consultancy sessions and mentorship programs.
  4. Targeted Support: Bitget is committed to the continuous development of its Ambassadors, providing essential training and opportunities for collaboration with industry professionals to ensure their significant contributions to the community.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, emphasized the importance of promoting women's involvement in the blockchain space, stating, "Women are the most underused resource of the global economy in practically every industry. We are determined to promote their involvement in the blockchain space by opening up opportunities for them to join the industry and develop."

The Ambassadors expressed their enthusiasm and high expectations for contributing