Thesis announces Mezo, aims to make a wider world of commerce possible on Bitcoin

Bitcoin, as both a technology and an asset, offers a world of freedom, privacy, and financial inclusion. A world where any individual can control their money and use it however they wish.

But even after 15 years, Bitcoin adoption is lacking and self-custody remains complex. The future Thesis envisions requires a Bitcoin scaling network that prioritizes the user journey.

The market is tired of technology-first narratives. Projects building on Bitcoin over-index on infrastructure innovations, while users are simply looking for a straightforward and secure way to use their BTC.

Thesis has carefully designed Mezo to unlock bitcoin for everything, with the goal of bringing 25% of the world’s economy on-chain.

Bitcoin is renowned for its simplicity: any user can create a wallet and use BTC without the threat of seizure. Global access and robust decentralization are core values of Bitcoin that can resonate with everyone.

Mezo prioritizes the economic needs of users and bitcoin holders to create the first Bitcoin Economic Layer. Mezo changes how users interact with Bitcoin by focusing on growing wealth, community, and productive use.

A Bitcoin Economic Layer aligns its core technology features with the economic ambitions of bitcoin holders, and Mezo achieves this in several ways.

It Pays to HODL

Mezo uses Proof of HODL as a consensus mechanism. Users secure the network by locking BTC and MEZO tokens and validating transactions via CometBFT consensus.


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Proof of HODL begins with the Mezo Portal, where users can lock up BTC and make a statement of conviction. The longer users lock up their deposits, the greater their HODL Score. Beyond activating bitcoin, Proof of HODL is the key to building a community; a personal inner circle of fellow bitcoin holders that understand the value of long-term commitment.

At the launch of Mezo mainnet, users can contribute to network security with Proof of HODL, earning an honest yield for simply holding bitcoin.

The Mezo Vision

Mezo makes a wider world of commerce po