Crydit Unveils Revolutionary Unlimited Crypto Card Redefining Crypto Payments

Crydit, with the vision of “Pay Everything,” announces the official launch of the first Unlimited Crypto Card in the industry. Crydit is poised to revolutionize the crypto payment industry, providing users of cryptocurrencies with a free, secure, and convenient payment experience. 

Key Features of the Crydit Unlimited Crypto Card to tell you “WHY CRYDIT”:

Addressing Industry Pain Points—Secure Your Assets 

Compliance Assurance: Crydit has prioritized security and compliance, partnering with renowned fund custodians such as COBO and CEFFU to safeguard user on-chain crypto assets. Users have independent on-chain addresses and can view their on-chain asset balances at any time. Furthermore, Crydit holds licenses under the Money Service Operator (MSO) program and has obtained a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in Europe, further demonstrating its commitment to regulatory compliance and user protection.

At Crydit, we prioritize the establishment of trustworthy partnerships to cultivate a resilient crypto payment ecosystem. Through collaborations with esteemed industry leaders such as Mastercard and Danske Bank, we ensure the reliability of our services. Crydit distinguishes itself as a genuine Debit Card, backed by Mastercard as the issuing authority. Unlike conventional virtual credit cards (VCCs) prevalent in the market, Crydit offers a solution akin to a personal bank account opened with user-specific information in a prominent European bank.

The First “Unlimited” Crypto Card in the Crypto Payment Industry

Crydit users can enjoy the freedom to make purchases of any magnitude, from small transactions like buying a coffee on the way to work to significant acquisitions such as luxury vehicles like a Lamborghini, all using cryptocurrencies.

Versatility: The Crydit Unlimited Crypto Card seamlessly integrates into users' daily lives, allowing for transactions at a wide range of merchants, including prestigious retailers like Harrods or simply paying online for your Netflix subscription.

Multi-platform Integration: Crydit cards can be effortlessly linked to popular payment platforms such as Wise, Grab, Uber, and Amazon, ensuring seamless transactions across diverse ecosystems.

Global/Regional Coverage: Crydit is widely accepted in numerous countries and regions, allowing users to seamlessly convert crypto assets into fiat currency through Crydit's compliant products for consumption. We offer a one-stop solution for borderless transactions using on-chain assets.

Zero Hidden Fees

With Crydit, users can enjoy transparent pricing with zero hidden fees, including zero annual fees and zero foreign transaction fees. Crydit ensures that its exchange rates are based on the rates set by the European Central Bank. Recharging for consumption incurs only a 1.5% fee, which is lower than the prevailing OTC rates in the market (from crypto to card to goods, with a fee rate of 1.5%), with zero hidden costs. Crydit ensures that users have full visibility into their transaction expenses, aiming to provide a seamless and cost-effective solution for cryptocurrency transactions.

Unique Crypto Feature Card Designs

  • “To the Moon": Integrating a meme element from the cryptocurrency community.
  • "Doge": Showcasing an element from a mainstream cryptocurrency.
  • "21000000": Signifying the total issuance of Bitcoin.
  • Brand Color: Symbolizing the upward value trend in the cryptocurrency community.

As Crydit continues to develop its services, Crydit remains dedicated to providing crypto payment services that uphold the highest standards of security, compliance, and user satisfaction.

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About Crydit

Crydit redefines daily transactions with a secure, user-friendly blockchain platform, ensuring fund safety through trusted partnerships. We're breaking financial barriers by offering a transparent and innovative way to use blockchain assets. Crydit combines security, ease, and the latest in payment technology for the digital age.

Our vision is to lead in the crypto domain, creating premier payment experiences that blend traditional finance with crypto assets for sophisticated blockchain users. By prioritizing innovation and professionalism, we aim to equip our clients for success in the Web3 landscape.

Our mission is to simplify payment processes and empower users by providing secure, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. We optimize payment experiences, meet consumer demands, and create a convenient, secure environment for crypto asset management through innovative technology and in-depth analysis.

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