Lawsuit by Oracle Corp claims trademark violation by VC firm CryptoOracle

Quick Take

  • Oracle sues blockchain company called Crypto Oracle for trademark violation.
  • Complaint says that in response to cease and desist letter Crypto Oracle filed trademark application.
  • A potential defense is the prevalent use of the word “oracle” in connection with blockchain technology

Oracle Corporation et al. v. Crypto Oracle LLC, et al., Case № 3:19-cv-04900 (N.D. Cal. filed August 15, 2019)[NMR]

Brands, brands, brands. We’ve talked about the importance of brands here at the Crypto Caselaw Minute many times now. This new case is a lawsuit alleging federal trademark infringement; federal trademark dilution; unfair competition; cybersquatting; and state trademark infringement and dilution, that was filed by a small company you may have heard of… Oracle. Okay, not that small of a company. Before we discuss the particulars of this case it is worth talking a little bit about famous marks.

In the United States, the Lanham Act states that a trademark “ is