The Block Presents: Digital Asset Data and Infrastructure

The Block hosted a webinar featuring leaders from Blockset, KPMG, and Unbound. In this webinar, Frank Chaparro guides conversations exploring digital asset data and infrastructure. You can view the entire webinar below, along with the accompanying slides. 

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • The core drivers that are bolstering momentum of broader institutional adoption
  • The key differences in requirements for custody in permissioned vs permissionless networks
  • The challenges in maintaining a fluid end user experience while keeping up with the evolving regulatory environment
  • The importance of accuracy, completeness from a trusted data source in regards to regulation, audits, and KYC.

Download the slides here.

About the panelists

Adam Traidman, CEO and Co-founder - BRD

Adam Traidman is currently CEO and co-founder of BRD, a global company that's bringing blockchain-enabled financial services to the mobile generation. BRD provides consumers with the simplest and most secure way to buy and protect bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. BRD is also the maker of Blockset, a new blockchain infrastructure platform for large enterprises. Traidman is also currently the CEO of SBI Ripple Asia Co., Ltd. and the CEO of SBI Mining Chip Co. 

About Blockset By BRD:

Blockset by BRD enables enterprises around the globe to deliver high-quality blockchain-based applications quickly, at a fraction of the cost. Blockset is your hosted blockchain infrastructure that reduces costs related to node hosting, data integrity, and human resources required to continuously add new chains and maintain existing architecture. Using the services provided by Blockset, businesses can build professional custody solutions, auditing platforms, and much more with its multi-chain API and professional services. It is the industry-leading B2B solution that is propelling. 

Sal Ternullo, Co-leader - KPMG Cryptoasset Services

Sal is a Director in KPMG’s Innovation & Enterprise Solutions practice and Co-leader, Cryptoasset Services. Drawing on his deep technical background in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, robotic process automation, and public cloud computing, Sal helps companies across industry lines develop, design, implement, and manage products and services for the crypto economy. 

About KPMG Cryptoasset Services

KPMG Cryptoasset Services help organizations of all kinds capitalize on the crypto economy by working at the forefront of the industry to deploy new institutional-quality solutions. Our team combines macro perspectives with industry-leading research and deep applied experience, to enable crypto businesses and institutional adoption in secure, trusted and compliant manners. KPMG is actively engaged across a full lifecycle of crypto services supporting strategy, product innovation, risk management, security, compliance and support for tailored attestations.

Rebecca Aspler, Director, Product Management (Blockchain Product Line) - Unbound

Leading the blockchain product line at Unbound Tech, Rebecca is driving innovation all the way from prototyping, market-fit validation, roadmap planning to periodical features-prioritization and specification. Staying informed of the market landscape, Rebecca is also analyzing the digital assets and enterprise blockchain ecosystem, products and constantly evolving regulations. Prior to this role and specializing in product management for large scale cloud-based (SaaS) enterprise software applications, Rebecca has led product management groups and operations at companies such as SAP and Teoco, growing new products from inception point to profitable product lines; serving successfully various Fortune 1,000 companies.

About Unbound Tech

Unbound Tech creates cryptographic and blockchain key management solutions designed for enterprise banks, institutional-grade custodians, and premier exchanges. Unbound’s blockchain and tokenized asset management platforms utilize the latest in cutting-edge multiparty computation (MPC) technology to provide greater interoperability, rigid and reliable security, and enhanced operational efficiency for its clients.

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