Short strategy helped Multicoin Capital post solid 2018 results

Quick Take

  • Multicoin Capital returned -32.9% in 2018, while Bitcoin and the Hold 10 Index returned -73.6% and -79.2%, respectively
  • Multicoin’s relative success was bolstered by short positions in $LTC, $ETC and $XRP
  • $EOS was Multicoin’s single largest “big loss” in 2018
  • Multicoin sees continued pressure on many cryptocurrencies in 2019 due to selling pressure and 51% attacks
  • Multicoin is optimistic in 2019 for the growth of Layer 2 solutions and decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Multicoin: the decentralization of our institutions will pave the way for innovation that will create $100T of value.
The Block can reveal exclusively that Multicoin Capital, the crypto hedge fund founded in 2017 by Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain, held up well in a brutal 2018 crypto market. According to the “Multicoin Capital 2018 Annual Letter,” a document that The Block received, Multicoin’s performance beat the relevant indexes: The Fund’s inception was October 1, […]

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