Blockchain dev platform Alchemy unveils venture arm

Blockchain infrastructure company Alchemy is launching an investment arm for the development of Web3.

The newly-announced Alchemy Ventures is partnered with a number of Alchemy's investors. Projects the fund invests in will also have access to A16z, Pantera Capital, Coatue, Addition Ventures, Dreamers Inc., and The Chainsmokers among others. 

The fund plans to invest more than capital. It will also provide upstart Web3 builders with access to the fund's strategic partners and Alchemy itself, founders dinners for networking, Alchemy's recruiting network, access to Alchemy's suite of products and personal access to its team. 

Alchemy announced the venture arm today in a blog post, but it's already been building in the background. It's already working with crypto exchange FTX, zk roll-ups solution Matter Labs, scaling solution Arbitrum among others and avatar tech company Genies, among others. 

"We’ve been there from day one, helping companies like OpenSea, Dapper Labs, and 0x turn into some of the most used applications in the space," said the blog post. "As a result, we have unique insight into the things that are most helpful for