China-backed Blockchain Services Network eyes support for NFTs

The Chinese state-backed blockchain deployment infrastructure platform Blockchain Services Network (BSN) is moving closer to supporting NFTS -- under the condition that the NFTs aren’t connected to cryptocurrency or public blockchains. 

According to the South China Morning Post, the BSN will offer Chinese companies and individuals the infrastructure to implement NFTs into personal user interfaces such as apps in exchange for Chinese yuan. This infrastructure will be called the BSN Distributed Digital Certificate, or BSN-DDC, and is expected to roll out by the end of January 2022. 

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Because of the regulatory restrictions on public networks within China, so the BSN is using “open permissioned blockchains” instead. Permissioned blockchains put governance in the hands of selected groups and actors.

Twenty partners have already signed on to the BSN-DDC, such as the Cosmos blockchain network and a digital invoice service provider Baiwang, as per the South China Morning Post. A developer working on the project added that China’s NFTs have use case