BlackRock files for ETF to track performance of blockchain and crypto company-focused index

BlackRock's iShares filed Friday to create a new "blockchain and tech ETF" that will track the performance of an index that follows companies working in this area.

According to the filing, the ETF will track the NYSE FactSet Global Blockchain Technologies Index. At press time, concrete information about the components of that index could not be identified, but according to the iShares filing, component companies will include "(a) cryptocurrency mining, (b) cryptocurrency trading and exchanges, or (c) crypto-mining systems." Presumably, this means that firms like crypto exchange Coinbase and an array of publicly traded miners are likely to be included.

"The Underlying Index is composed of (i) blockchain technology companies, (ii) cryptocurrency mining, (iii) cryptocurrency trading and exchanges, (iv) crypto-mining systems, and (v) video multimedia semiconductors," the filing states.

BlackRock's filing is a notable one from the investment giant. The firm indicated late last year that it would move to introduce a blockchain-related ETF, as reported at the time by Business Insider.