Bitcoin trader tortured by a group of robbers

Three assailants attacked a bitcoin trader Tjeerd H. at his home in the Netherlands, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports. The attack took place late in the evening, on Feb. 10. A group of robbers posing as the police—wearing balaclavas and police-issued bulletproof vests—entered the trader’s home and threatened H. with a gun; when that proved futile, they tortured him with a drill and fled the scene an hour later.

H.’s four-year-old daughter witnessed the entire ordeal; both father and daughter required specialistic help following the attack—H. due to the nature of his injuries, the girl because of the psychological trauma. Tjeerd H. filed a police report, however, the motive for the attack was not made public. Police sources confirm H. is a cryptocurrency trader but refrain from saying whether the men were after H.’s bitcoins and if any have been stolen.