Enigma launches testnet developer release of Discovery protocol to enable secret contracts

Blockchain startup Enigma announced the release of  its Discovery protocol testnet, which allows for the creation of privacy-preserving “secret" smart contracts. The protocol allows developers to build smart contracts without revealing the identity of participants. This enables “computations over encrypted data” where sensitive data can be used as inputs. 

“By enabling privacy for general computations, we are enabling developers to create significantly more meaningful and secure applications than what we have seen to date,” Enigma CEO Guy Zyskind said. “Countless hours of research, thoughtfulness, and design have now been poured into this release, which we're excited to share with the public.”

The company has been working on the Discovery protocol for over a year. As of now, the protocol will run on Enigma’s network. The company’s next milestone is to run Discovery on Ethereum network; however, at the moment, there is no official launch date scheduled for the Ethereum testnet.

Last year, Enigma raised $45 million in an initial coin offering. The company has been collaborating with eight blockchain companies on its privacy protocol. Ocean Protocol, Datawallet, Colendi, and 2key were mentioned amongst the launch partners