Libra launches 'Bug Bounty' program to secure its blockchain

Facebook blockchain head David Marcus announced a new step for Libra in a tweet today enabling developers to help secure Facebook's blockchain. The Libra Association launched its so-called "Bug Bounty" program, calling for developers to submit bugs found in the Facebook blockchain.

Marcus has continuously promised steps will be taken to ensure Libra is fleshed out, compliant and secure prior to its launch. During U.S. Congressional hearings, Marcus said work was still to be done before a secure launch of a Facebook crypto, and promised continued conversations with lawmakers and industry players as the plans develop.

A statement from the association said the program will enable a scalable and secure launch by inviting those with diverse skillsets to inspect its blockchain ahead of launch. Libra has also partnered with HackerOne, a bug bounty community.

The highest quality submissions will also be showcased, pending the reporter's permission, in an effort towards transparency surrounding problems and their resolution. Indeed, the program also includes rewards that scale up to a $10,000 payout for what the company considers "critical issues." 

Libra also promises global access to the program, in line with its purported value of global utility for its coming crypto.