Anchorage: A Qualified Custodian That’s Safer Than Cold Storage

Anchorage is the most advanced digital asset custodian for institutional investors, serving such leading funds as Blockchain Capital, BlockTower, Polychain, and Paradigm.

Anchorage brings the best of modern security engineering to crypto finance, so investors can use their assets for staking, voting, and other forms of participation, without manual operations that expose assets to risk. By eliminating the trade-off between security and usability, Anchorage enables institutional investors to get more out of their assets and generate greater returns.

  • Qualified Custodian: As a state-chartered trust company with fiduciary powers, Anchorage Trust Company is a Qualified Custodian that can help RIAs meet obligations under federal law.
  • End-to-end insurance: Anchorage holds industry-leading end-to-end insurance, covering digital assets under custody across their entire life cycle.
  • Secure participation: Anchorage enables secure staking, on-chain governance, and proof-of-existence auditing, without exposing private keys.
  • Libra Association: Anchorage is proud to be a Founding Member of the Libra Association, alongside global leaders in finance and technology.
  • Backed by leading investors: Anchorage has raised $57 million from such leading investors as Andreessen Horowitz and Visa.

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