BitMEX CEO predicts Ethereum will “rebound aggressively” once ICO returns to form

Still mourning the death of ICO markets? According to BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, not all is lost! Hayes says an ICO resurgence can be expected within the next 18 months. In an exclusive interview for Cointelegraph Japan, the leader of the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency trading platform predicted an explosive growth timeline for the industry, culminating with an aggressive rebound from the former second-largest coin: Ethereum.

Before the return of ICOs, Hayes expects stablecoins and security tokens to catch on. “While their fundamental raison d'etre is flawed, investors in this time of pain will latch onto anything they believe will be their ticket to easy riches,” said Hayes.

Then, once ICOs start gaining momentum, doors will open back up for Ethereum as well. 

“Once there are new issues, then ether will rebound aggressively,” said Hayes. “When the ICO market returns, ether will quickly test $200.”