Makara Bets Big on the Future of Altcoins

If you have children, you probably know it’s unwise to play favorites, especially if it means ignoring the others. At Makara, we think the same approach applies to crypto. We have all seen what Bitcoin can do, and we’re not about to discount it going forward. But in the digital asset race, we believe there is room for more than one winner. Quite a few of them, actually. 

In little more than a decade, blockchain technology has grown from a single digital asset into a burgeoning macrocosm of financial innovation. From an investor perspective, the past four years have been volatile, and new entrants offered enormous opportunity with equally massive risk. Up until recently, the safe bet was Bitcoin. Yes, there are still Bitcoin purists who cling to the dogma of holding the original crypto at all costs. They consider this required fealty and are willing to take on anyone who questions their faith on social media. But for the rest of us— especially those of us who are interested in making money—there is much more than just Bitcoin that belongs in a digital asset portfolio. 

It’s a matter of choice. Aside from new investors, who may want to be told exactly what to invest in and avoid the stress of choosing themselves, most of us feel stifled without options. This is even more true in the world of crypto. As investors, we don’t want to do exactly what other people are doing. We want to do what we think is best. 

Every day there are new digital assets making their debut into the world, and not many of them take the simple store-of-value approach that Bitcoin does. There are new currencies, protocol tokens, decentralized finance, NFTs, and more. And while not all of them are worth your money, it would be unwise to dismiss them just because they’re new. Investing in cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin also helps to diversify your risk. Diversifying your investments has long been a principle in the traditional market, and we think it’s also wise with crypto. 

Crypto is not a zero-sum game. There will be many winners, and while you can try to pick the biggest one, we believe you’ll be much better off if you spread your exposure over multiple contenders. But with the thousands of cryptocurrencies and digital assets flooding the market, how do you separate the ones with promise from the ones with no future? That’s where Makara comes in. We provide a simple and direct platform to invest in a variety of the leading assets within this rapidly evolving space. Our investment baskets are curated selections of diversified cryptocurrencies. As the market changes, they change, thanks to our cutting edge algorithms that automatically monitor and adjust each basket. It’s hedge-fund level technology for daily investors. And we think it’s the best way to prepare yourself for success, whatever the market may do—and however many new assets are introduced.

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