Attorney files to withdraw from Tether, Bitfinex, Tron and Binance suits

Quick Take

  • Attorney Kyle Roche has withdrawn from several class action suits in the wake of a blog post’s claims he brought cases on behalf of Ava Labs.
  • Both Ava Labs and Roche have denied the allegations.

Kyle Roche has filed to withdraw as counsel from several class action lawsuits against digital asset-related businesses.   

The withdrawals come after videos circulated showing the attorney discussing his relationship with other companies in the space. 

Roche is a founding partner of law firm Roche Freedman and known for bringing high-profile class action suits against crypto firms and projects. Notices of withdrawal by Roche as counsel appeared on the dockets today in multiple cases led by Roche, including class action suits brought against Tether and Bitfinex, Tron, BitMex and Binance.   

The notices indicate that Roche has left the firm’s class action practice, though the firm may continue to pursue those class action suits. As of publication time, no notice has appeared in the firm's class actions against Binance.US, DeFi firm Celsius, Dfinity or