An NFT minted after The Merge cost $60,000 in transaction fees

Quick Take

  • Ethereum’s Merge triggered at 6:42 am UTC today, taking slightly longer than previously estimated.
  • Within seconds, the first NFT was minted on proof-of-stake Ethereum, paying a transaction fee of 36.8 ETH ($60,626).

The total terminal difficulty — a measure of the cumulative mining difficulty on the Ethereum network — was achieved at block 15537393 at 6:42:42 am UTC today, triggering the transition to proof of stake. 

Within just 17 seconds, the first NFT was minted on proof-of-stake Ethereum in the next block. The user paid over 36.8 ETH in transaction fees ($60,626.26) to mint the NFT named “The Transition.” It features an Ethereum panda mascot and is part of a collection of 100 on NFT marketplace OpenSea

The NFT also shows key details related to Ethereum, including the difficulty level at the time and a timestamp. 

The Transition

A user — who has just set up a new Twitter account and website — known as The Transition has claimed they created it. The NFTs are being auctioned on the website.

The collection now takes its place in Ethereum history, but it’s not the first time the panda mascot has appeared as an NFT, with PandETH minted back in early 2019.

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