CoinFund’s new $300 million fund aims to capture ‘steep’ early-stage value

Episode 117 of Season 4 of The Scoop was recorded live with The Block's Frank Chaparro and CoinFund Managing Partner David Pakman.

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Web3 investment firm CoinFund recently launched a $300 million fund targeting early-stage crypto and web3 startups.

In this episode of The Scoop, CoinFund Managing Partner David Pakman shares how this fund fits into CoinFund’s broader investment thesis for crypto and web3, including why the fund is specifically targeting early-stage startups.

The new fund is intended for new crypto startups already showing signs of success. As Pakman explains,

“We saw a lot of seed-stage companies graduating to have real progress and we wanted to invest in that stage too, so we raised a fund purposefully to invest at the Series A, maybe Series B stage of crypto projects that are showing some traction.”

While CoinFund is also looking to raise an additional $250 million fund specifically for seed-stage investments, Pakman says the early-stage investments typically see the most value creation:

“A company is showing a little bit of progress, they may be showing some evidence of product market fit, and they're going to raise — not growth capital yet — but, you know, ten to fifteen million dollars… the steepest part of the value creation can happen just after that moment.”

During this episode Chaparro and Pakman also discuss:

  • How raising capital in crypto compares to traditional finance;
  • What is wrong with crypto regulation;
  • Why crypto is currently in ‘the trough of disillusionment.’

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