Bitcoin mining revenues fell in April while Ethereum's rose

Bitcoin miners brought in a total of $1.16 billion in April, a 4.3% decrease compared to the previous month, while Ethereum miners grew their revenues by 6.2% for a total of $1.33 billion.

Ethereum miners generated about 1.08 times more revenue than Bitcoin miners in April, according to data compiled by The Block Research. 

Revenues from Ethereum mining have been consistently higher than Bitcoin’s since May of last year. 

Most bitcoin revenues came from the block subsidy ($1.14 billion) and only a small portion from transaction fees ($12.98 million).

Similarly, a larger portion of the Ethereum revenues came from the subsidy ($1.25 billion). Transaction fees totaled $82.88 million and uncle rewards $58.85 million.

The daily average gas price increased and came in around 54.7 gwei on a 30-day rolling average at the end of April.