ConsenSys, StarkWare ink deal to bring ZK-rollups to MetaMask and Infura

ZK-rollups are coming to MetaMask and Infura.

According to a Wednesday announcement, the deal between scaling startup StarkWare and development firm ConsenSys announced that the layer-two technology would be integrated with the wallet app and node infrastructure service, respectively.

The integrations are limited in scope as of now; in the case of Infura, the integration is limited to participants in private beta. For MetaMask, the companies said that developers can build with StarkNet via MetaMask Flask, an experimental development feature.

As previously reported by The Block, StarkNet supports the deployment of smart contracts independently. In a broader sense, layer-two protocols like rollups are intended to increase the number of transactions that can occur on the Ethereum network while shaving gas costs.

StarkWare raised $100 million at an $8 billion valuation in May.