Glassnode Releases On-Chain Data Product Suite

Glassnode, the most comprehensive on-chain market intelligence platform, has launched a suite of products to make blockchain data accessible to all digital asset stakeholders.

These new products - which include a visual data explorer, an API, and an insights publications platform - represent an important step in democratising access to the impactful new data source of on-chain data.

"Blockchains are creating a wealth of open financial and economic data on a daily basis. Throughout the history of finance, this kind of data has never before been available at such a granular level," said Jan Happel, Co-Founder & Chairman of Glassnode. "It’s a paradigm shift in the way we measure market sentiment and behavioural economics, and yet it remains largely untapped because it is difficult to access and lacks context."

The team at Glassnode understands that on-chain data has the potential to provide a range of profound new insights into the world of digital assets, and believes that this data will soon become a core pillar of all serious investors' strategies once it becomes easier to access.

Glassnode aims to provide that access and context through its products. The new Glassnode API provides a standardised entry-point to a growing set of advanced on-chain metrics across a range of popular assets and blockchains. This data is supplemented by Glassnode Studio - a visual data explorer - and Glassnode Insights, a publication platform that will analyse and contextualise this information.