Maker Foundation transfers trademarks and IP to independent foundation

The Maker Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the MakerDAO project, announced that it is transferring the Maker and Dai trademarks to an independent Denmark-based foundation called the Dai Foundation. Additionally, the Maker Foundation will also be transferring over its software IP. 

According to the Dai Foundation, its purpose is to "safeguard what cannot be technologically decentralized in the Maker Protocol i.e. certain intangible assets that underlie the protocol," ensuring that these assets "are used for sustainable growth of the Maker Protocol, and for maximizing the public good thereof in line with a set of fundamental principles."

“The Foundation is committed to driving and supporting the decentralization of the Maker Protocol,” says Rune Christensen, CEO of the Maker Foundation. “By transferring the Maker and Dai trademarks to the Dai Foundation, the community can rest assured that these assets are safeguarded and will be used for the benefit of the Maker Protocol beyond the Maker Foundation's limited lifetime.”

In November, the MakerDAO system activated the Multi-Collateral Dai token, enabling users to create Dai stablecoins backed by multiple collateral types.