Crypto exchange Kraken says it will match $150K in Ethereum developer grants on Gitcoin

Kraken, the U.S.-based crypto exchange, said Thursday that it would match $150,000 in developer grants via the Gitcoin fundraising platform.

In a blog post, the exchange said "[t] grants will mark Kraken’s first-ever donation to an Ethereum project, a development we feel recognizes the project’s maturity both as an asset and as a platform for applications."

Kraken has previously awarded grants to bitcoin-focused projects, including a $150,000 grant to BTCPay, an open-source bitcoin payment processor. The exchange donated $150,000 in bitcoin to Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Francisco, earlier this year. 

“Ethereum and DeFi are built on open-source software. With their generous contribution, Kraken is excited to give back to the volunteer developers building the infrastructure of the crypto economy," Kevin Owocki, Gitcoin's CEO, said in a statement.