Revolut adds four new cryptos for European users on its digital bank platform

The U.K.-based digital bank startup Revolut announced Friday the addition of  four additional crypto tokens and currencies to its platform for Europe-based users.

In the December 10 blog post, Revolut said it was adding support for EOS, OMG, XTZ (Tezos) and ZRX (0x). Revolut first started allowing access to crypto buying and selling in 2017. That year, the fintech startup added support for bitcoin, ether and litecoin. It has since added support for Stellar lumens, Bitcoin Cash and XRP.

Earlier this year, Revolut revealed some details — albeit backward-looking — about the nature of its customer base's relationship with crypto. As reported in August, Revolut users held some $120 million worth of cryptocurrencies in 2019. That figure represented a 152% increase from the previous year.

Revolut struck up a partnership with Fireblocks in October as part of a bid to expand the digital bank's suite of crypto-related products.