Kristin Smith unpacks the new Blockchain Association PAC

Episode 94 of Season 4 of The Scoop was recorded at SALT New York 2022 on September 13 with The Block's Frank Chaparro, and Blockchain Association's executive director Kristin Smith.

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The Blockchain Association recently launched a new political action committee (PAC) designed to build relationships with pro-crypto congressional candidates.

In this episode of The Scoop, the Blockchain Association’s executive director Kristin Smith shares the objectives of the new Blockchain Association PAC, and why she believes Congress is the appropriate authority to design a regulatory framework for the crypto industry.

As Smith explains, the Blockchain Association PAC is intended to promote pro-crypto candidates:

“For us, this PAC is really about building relationships… This isn't the type of PAC where we go and buy a bunch of airtime or print out a bunch of mailers and spend a few hundred thousand dollars or $1,000,000 in a single race.”

While SEC chair Gary Gensler recently remarked that multiple crypto regulators could undermine the SEC’s efforts, Smith believes the Congress is in the best position to effectuate change:

“We need Congress to step in and help sort through these issues because they are the ones that can grant new authority and they're the ones that have the flexibility to design a regulatory system that matches the risks that we see in crypto.”

During this episode, Chaparro and Smith also discuss:

  • How the Blockchain Association is responding to the Tornado Cash sanctions
  • Whether or not the bear market impacted crypto lobbying efforts
  • When we might see Congressional crypto legislation

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