eGirl Capital and Larry Cermak on the dynamics shaping the crypto bear market


Episode 108 of Season 4 of The Scoop was recorded live with The Block's Frank Chaparro and Larry Cermak and eGirl Capital Co-Founder, Hedgedhog.

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Crypto-native venture firm eGirl Capital is a syndicate of pseudonymous individuals who invest in early-stage web3 projects, and provide colorful market commentary on Twitter.

In this special segment of The Scoop, Frank Chaparro is joined by The Block’s VP of Research, Larry Cermak, and eGirl Capital’s Co-Founder, Hedgedhog, to discuss how this crypto bear market compares to previous cycles, and to explain how investors can spend this drawdown building an edge for the next bull market.

According to Hedgedhog, who is primarily a directional trader, crypto market conditions are suffering because there is less credit in the system. “Less credit leads to less liquidity and less volume,” says Hedgedhog, “It's really a wasteland out there for us at the moment.”

As data from The Block shows, daily crypto exchange volume is close to half of what it was at the start of the year–although have ticked up in recent days.

During this period of reduced market activity, Cermak says it is important not only to be patient, but also to stay engaged:

“A lot of people stay patient, but actually stop paying attention day-to-day. Those people that actually stay engaged… are in the best position for the next cycle, and they're also the ones that will be able to the most accurately predict when activity starts picking up again.”

During this episode Cermak, Chaparro, and Hedgedhog also discuss:

  • The pros and cons of crypto conferences
  • How some crypto traders are turning to other assets
  • Why some recent DeFi 'exploits' were likely inside jobs

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