Ethereum community baffled by mysterious $4.5 million ether burn incident

Quick Take

  • An unknown person, identified by ENS name nd4.eth, burned 2,500 ether ($4.5 million).
  • The exact motive behind this burn remains unknown.

Observers in the crypto space were stunned when an unknown individual using the ENS name nd4.eth sent 2,500 ether ($4.5 million) to a burn address. This act effectively destroyed the coins for no specific reason. 

The transfer took place on July 26 but only just gained widespread attention, leading to a surge in speculation and curiosity within the crypto community. The specifics of why this was done are still scant.

While many are perplexed by the fact that someone would destroy $4.5 million worth of ether seemingly without reason, others instead jokingly applauded the individual for effectively reducing Ethereum’s supply — aligning with the “Ethereum’s Ultrasound Money” narrative. 

“If you didn’t wake up this morning and say thank you to nd4.eth for contributing to the ultrasound money narrative, I want you to have a long, hard think about what you’re trying to achieve here,” commented Laurence Day, the creator of Wildcat Protocol, in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Here, “burning” refers to permanently removing tokens from circulation. This is typically done by sending them to a designated address, which in this case was 0xdea…069.

On-chain analysts at Lookonchain noted the individual is currently a large holder of tokens from perpetual trading protocols, holding 34,287 GMX tokens (valued at $1.84 million ) and 311,003 Gains tokens worth $1.43 million. They also sent 1.5 ETH, 34.9 GMX and 600 GNS — worth about $7,000, in total — to the same burning address.

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