Decentralized social media Farcaster to migrate to OP Mainnet

Quick Take

  • Farcaster, a decentralized social media protocol, is migrating its project to the OP Mainnet Layer 2 network.
  • The migration includes Farcaster-based apps and their associated smart contracts.

Farcaster, a decentralized social media protocol, will migrate the project, including its apps and associated smart contracts, from Ethereum to the OP Mainnet (previously Optimism), a widely used Layer 2 network. The migration plan was confirmed by Dan Romero, the co-founder of Farcaster, in a social media post.

The migration is considered a significant step for Farcaster, as it will lead to the opening of the platform for all users through "permissionless sign-ups." The move marks a departure from the current invite-only phase, making the platform more accessible to a broader audience.

"Important upcoming milestone: after Farcaster migrates to OP Mainnet and we enable permissionless sign-ups, there are zero corporate APIs required to use the network," Romero said.

At present, Farcaster utilizes Ethereum, though a substantial portion of social media data is stored offchain in servers referred to as Farcaster Hubs. The migration to OP Mainnet is also expected to enhance the platform’s functionality.

With over 10,000 registered users, Farcaster is seen as one of the rising contenders in the decentralized social media niche, along with others like Lens Protocol, Friend.Tech and Mirror.

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