Introducing The Block Data Dashboard: A comprehensive picture of the digital asset market

Quick Take

  • Welcome to The Block’s new data dashboard
  • More than 70 charts that paint a picture of the entire digital asset market

The Block has officially launched its new crypto information platform, the Data Dashboard.

Collected and collated from some of the crypto ecosystem’s top data providers, as well as The Block’s global research team, the information in the Data Dashboard makes it an all-encompassing, one-stop-shop for investors, traders, companies, and decision-makers.

Data is the lifeblood of the digital asset industry. For a global ecosystem built on top of a variety of platforms, protocols, and networks, data can influence the make-or-break decisions faced every day by investors, startups, and establish companies navigating this rapidly evolving space. (Learn more about how the dashboard fits into our company mission, here)

The Data Dashboard is designed for ease of use and comprehensive access. 

The Data Dashboard is divided into four subsections:

The Block Research subscribers are already familiar with our monthly by-the-numbers data roundups. At the heart of those pieces are the must-see charts drawn from major crypto networks and platforms. 

Now, The Block’s distinctive live chart offerings are being made freely available in a dynamic, easy-to-use environment. Data sources include Skew, Coin Metrics, Chainalysis, CFTC COT, and Dune Analytics.

Some of the offerings include:

On-chain data that shows daily transactions on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network: 

Here's the chart for Ethereum:

As for centralized exchange data, the dashboard showcases a wide range of spot and derivatives data. Here's a chart showing aggregated open interest in the bitcoin options market:

In addition to open-interest data, the dashboard shows monthly volumes at the top options venues. Here's a chart illustrating the growth of the ether options market, in aggregate:

There's also data on the fast-growing stablecoin market. Here's a chart showing outstanding supply in aggregate. 

What would a data dashboard be without data from the red-hot DeFi market. The following chart shows monthly DEX volumes: 

There's also some unique metrics you'll likely not find on other dashboards, such as data from Grayscale and exclusive data from crypto-sleuthing firm Chainalysis.

Here's a look at Grayscale's daily average volumes for its GBTC product: 

As per data from Chainalysis, you can take a look at the known amount of illicit flows in bitcoin and ether as a percentage of total flows:

This is just the first iteration of our Data Dashboard, so visitors can expect additional data offerings, improvements and more in the coming weeks and months.

Have feedback on the Dashboard? Let us know at [email protected]!

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