MicroStrategy purchased another $94.2 million worth of bitcoin during December

MicroStrategy added to its ever-growing hoard of bitcoin over the course of December, according to a Thursday disclosure.

The publicly traded firm "purchased approximately 1,914 bitcoins for approximately $94.2 million in cash, at an average price of approximately $49,229 per bitcoin," according to an SEC filing

"As of December 29, 2021, the Company held approximately 124,391 bitcoins that were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of $3.75 billion and an average purchase price of approximately $30,159 per bitcoin, inclusive of fees and expenses," MicroStrategy continued.

The timing indicates that MicroStrategy continued to buy following the disclosure of a 1,434 BTC accumulation between November 29 and December 8.

As previously reported, MicroStrategy is looking at ways to generate "yield" via its bitcoin holdings. CEO Michael Saylor said during an investor presentation earlier this month that potential options include lending out some of its holdings.