Here’s how financial giants like KKR and Hamilton Lane are diving into crypto

Quick Take

  • Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo discusses how blockchain can widen access to alternative investments and how clear U.S. regulations could allow for tokenization of trillions in real-world assets on-chain.

Episode 64 of Season 5 of The Scoop was recorded with The Block's Frank Chaparro and Securitize Founder & CEO Carlos Domingo.

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Carlos Domingo is the founder and CEO of Securitize, Inc. — a compliance platform for trading security tokens or digital securities on the blockchain used by the likes of KKR and Hamilton Lane.

In this episode, Domingo explains how blockchain technology can be used to unlock broader access to alternative investments and how regulatory clarity in the U.S. could help trillions of dollars of real world assets be tokenized on-chain.


1:17 - About Securitize
2:32 - Market Evolution
7:22 - Tokenization
8:07 - Transfer Agent License
9:58 - Broker Dealers
12:00 - Prometheum
13:04 - Special Purpose Broker Dealer
16:38 - Alternative Trading Systems
19:05 - Second Order Effects of Regulation
21:30 - Tokenization of Real World Assets
28:02 - What’s Next for Securitize
31:32 - Closing Thoughts

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