Why this MP is pushing for crypto adoption in the UK

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  • U.K. Member of Parliament Dr. Lisa Cameron and CryptoUK Board Advisor Ian Taylor discuss the U.K.’s ambition to become a global hub for crypto and web3

Episode 55 of Season 5 of The Scoop was recorded with The Block's Frank Chaparro, U.K. Member of Parliament Dr. Lisa Cameron, and CryptoUK Board Advisor Ian Taylor.

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Dr. Lisa Cameron is a UK Member of Parliament and is the Chairperson of the Crypto and Digital Assets All-Party Parliamentary Group. Ian Taylor is a Board Advisor to CryptoUK — the trade association for the UK's crypto industry.

In this episode, Dr. Cameron and Taylor share how the UK is taking steps to become a global hub for crypto and web3.

According to Dr. Cameron, the crypto industry could play an important part of the UK's economy in the years to come:

"I can see the potential of the technology for the future of of people's livelihoods in the UK and I want to make sure that we harness the skills here as well and that we have the correct opportunities for young people moving forward into the workforce." 

During this conversation, Chaparro, Cameron, and Taylor also discuss:

  • How the UK's regulatory approach compares to the U.S.'s
  • UK consumer protection in the wake of FTX
  • Bipartisan support for crypto in the UK

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