Aubrey Strobel: This South African community is embracing bitcoin, and surfing

Quick Take

  • Aubrey Strobel gives a behind-the-scenes look at her recent film, “Lekker Feeling: A Bitcoin Ekasi Story.”

Episode 77 of Season 5 of The Scoop was recorded with The Block's Frank Chaparro and Aubrey Strobel.

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Aubrey Strobel is the host of The Aubservation and the producer of "Lekker Feeling: A Bitcoin Ekasi Story."

In this episode, Strobel explains how the combination of bitcoin and surfing is transforming a South African community and gives a behind the scenes look at the filmmaking process.


1:33 - Film Background
4:38 - Bitcoin in Africa
7:07 - Bitcoin Ekasi
9:18 - Merchant BTC Adoption
11:09 - Bitcoin vs. Banking in South Africa
- Lekker Feeling Highlights
16:20 - Surfing & Bitcoin
17:58 - Filmmaking
18:27 - Global Perceptions of Bitcoin
22:19 - Bitcoin Culture
24:20 - Crypto Fundraising Difficulties
27:48 - What’s Next?
29:23 - Building on Bitcoin

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